Don’t Worry. There’s TimeTM

We all have things we wish we’d said. Friends we wish we’d told how we felt. Lovers who need to know that in the end they held our heart.

What if you could tell them? You could sum up your heart and hand it to them in a way they understood, a way that let them know how you felt without the repercussions of social awkwardness or the weight of maring other relationships.

There’s Time allows you to create messages now, that we’ll send once your time on Earth has ended. Explain your will in your own words. Let that old flame know what he really meant to you. Comfort your wife in her time of need.

We run from one thing to the next all day every day without a chance to say what we want, what we need to say. Don’t Worry, There’s Time.

How It Works

You provide a list of people with email addresses and/or other contact information. You create notes to them and schedule when you want them to receive the notes in increments of time after your passing

While you’re alive you pay a small monthly fee and reply to an email once a week to ensure you’re still alive.

Going on vacation or a long trip? Notify us through your weekly email reply and we’ll skip the email reply switch till you get back.Once you miss a reply we’ll send three follow ups, each a day apart, to make certain you’re no longer checking email then we’ll set your end of life date and begin processing your email and contact requests from there.

*Please Note: There’s Time is not liable for any issue resulting from your message going to a user’s spam folder.